Eleni is a social scientist, photographer, director and theatre educator, based in Athens, Greece.

Her work mainly focuses on social, cultural and philosophical issues, including vulnerability, identity and memory. Her special fields of interest is storytelling through different forms and techniques, documentary photography, participatory photography, transedia projects and performances. She also loves traveling and street photography.

In 2011, she started taking photos while studying photography thoroughly. She has attended a number of courses and workshops, focusing on the art of photography, documentary photography, image and remembrance, photography and cinematography (Hellenic Centre for Photography, Vacalo Art and Design School in Athens, lectures and workshops by professional photographers and academics, online courses by Magnum Photographers and The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) etc.

Since 2019, she has been working on two ongoing projects:
The “Roots”, a documentary project about the province of her origin, where the spoken language, the oral tradition and the customs are gradually disappearing.
The “Home”, is an exploration of human nature: How the loss of memory reconstructs oneself? The philosophical questions encounter people who have lost or people who are losing their memory -either due to mental illness or senility- and co create a new narration. The “Home” is a transmedia ongoing project (participatory photography, video, 3D mapping and performance), based on testimonies, case histories of patients and academic research.

In 2011, she also started the “Krama” initiative, a theatrical group consisted of refugees, migrants and Greeks, in which she is working as director and educator. The “Krama” is the 1st and only steady multicultural theatrical group in Athens. It proves how theatre may serve as an educational and integration tool for migrants and refugees. This intercultural experience gives her the opportunity to create strong relationships, explore new cultures, broaden her horizons and experience new artistic practices. Up to now, Eleni has presented 7 plays and 13 performances in Athens.

Eleni for more than 10 years, has  been working with NGOs and organizations related to civil society and human rights violations such as human trafficking, refugees and migrants, children protection, drug addiction etc. Her main tasks on her 9-5 job is communication, project and production manager in festivals, documentaries and video productions. In the last years, she has been working in the field of communications, and social and documentary storytelling.

Her vision is to spend her life as a humanist, making art for raising awareness, aiming to give voice and visibility to those who we don’t focus on; the invisible, the left-behind, the vulnerable.